Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn a True Mystery School of Light

By Robert Zink

Catholic, Protestant, Pagan, or Jewish?

Over the years, our Order has been accused of being too Catholic. Yes, we do use some Latin in our rituals and meditations; however, the Order in the outer school of the Golden Dawn is Hermetic. We also use some Greek and Coptic etc. Our Order culls from many mystery schools such as Egyptian, Greek, Qabalah and mystical Christianity.

Because we invoke powerful Egyptian archetypes, this does not make us Pagan either. Because we are in the process of spiritual alchemy via the elements and are reformationists, does not make us Protestant.

We are Esoteric; we teach that which is often ignored or not seen beneath the surface of waters. We have been accused of being Jewish or Zionists because of our advanced teachings on the Qabalah, yet we are not Jewish. We are not any one religion, yet our members are participants in various religions.

We teach tolerance and even more importantly: transcendence.

Religions get caught up in names and archetypes. They focus on the ocean that you can see. We on the other hand, focus on the beautiful depths of the Divine Mysteries beneath the surface. Therefore, it is absurd to classify us as anything more than seekers after Light and Truth. Initiation is the true and time honored pathway into this Hermetic world of the mystical. Let not our members or those who know of us even see us as a “religion.” We are the mystery school that culls the from these various schools and codifies them into tools that the true seeker can use on the pathway of Light.

God, Divine Presence, Spirit – is infinite and cannot be contained in any solitary dogmatic institution. This is why our Order is always growing, learning and teaching the sacred mysteries that rise out of darkness. We call it the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn.

For more information on initiation, visit: Including long distance initiation or astral initiation.

Your Brother in the Great Work,

Robert Zink

G.H. Frater Pro Deo et Rege


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One Response to “Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn a True Mystery School of Light”

  1. thehieron Says:

    One of the reasons I was not inclined to accept adeptship was insistence through my proctor that I become Roman Catholic. I was also brought to a restaurant by certain Adepti in an attempt to convert me to Christianity. I not only refused, but began at that time to chart a course to solitary practice.

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