Discover the Tree of Life and discover your magic.

By Robert Zink

Discovering the Tree of Life and how it works can be an exhilarating experience that will unlock a greater and deeper understanding of the universe.Equally important you will learn how to change your inner state to accomplish what you want with the tree of life.  Think of these Sephiroth as emanations from the Divine Source.  As a Golden Dawn Magician you can learn which angel, planet and other attributes works or harmonizes with each Sephiroth.

While the tree of life is often shown over layed over a human body, they are very different from the chakra system used in the eastern tradition.  The Sephiroth are empowering in that they provide different levels or states of consciousness.  This allow the practitioner of the GD system of magic to attune his or her mind to the different levels of consciousness in a pure state.  This is powerful, because the purity of the state can be used to counter balance negative or states that are attracting energies that are unwanted on harmful. As the G.D. magician grows, he or she can begin using Angels,  and other sources of empowerment that are akin to the Divine vibration.

I have read stories of people using the Tree to accomplish some amazing things in their personal life, in their business life and more.  Learning about them and their nature and the oral secrets of how to empower them in your magic is essential for the student of Lioght and magic.

There are some good books out on the subject including a beginning book called Modern Magic by Donald Michael Kraig.  I would also suggest anything by Israel Regardie or Chic Cicero.

Learn the tree, it is a tool that will last you life time after life time.

Your Brother in the Great Work,

G.H. Frater P.D.R.

Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn

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2 Responses to “Discover the Tree of Life and discover your magic.”

  1. bonnie Says:

    i like this, i think i will paint a tree of life

  2. Kane Says:

    Thank you Brother! I have been investigating the Ra Material from the Law of One books lately who has mentioned the tree of life as a way of understanding the ‘archetypes’ and have been drawn to Sacred Geometry for some time, your words have inspired me to research further into the Tree of Life.
    Love and Light,

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